teaching gymnasts to keep legs straight

In the former Soviet Union young boys and girls took 1hr ballet training every day.

No wonder they had great “form”.

Most gymnastics coaches in 2010 need to find faster, more efficient methods to motivate and teach children to keep legs straight, feet stretched.

Keeping great leg form will improve your scores. Here Mary Lee Tracy shows several drills to improve leg strength and improve leg form.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I really appreciate busy coaches like Mary Lee taking time to share with us.

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6 thoughts on “teaching gymnasts to keep legs straight”

  1. She hit the nail on the head. The key is activating those muscles to keep the leg straight and toe pointed. I have always disliked the knee stretching exercises – and although did use them in the olden days, avoid them now. One key point missing though is not just the calf muscle, but rather the achilles tendon. By making this taught, the toe point will improve significantly. This is easily done by holding the gymnasts leg (put the kids in pairs so they can check each other) and making them tighten the achilles. Do this standing with leg outstretched fwd and bwd. And then do in split HS also. I owe this to Fiona Bird, formerly of Victoria Institute of Sport in Melbourne. She was a brilliant coach!

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