Evan Lysacek and Nastia Liukin?

Nastia Liukin and figure skater Evan Lysacek attended the Lakers Game together last night. Nastia was in town for the UCLA meet and to promote her new Gym Camp.

17th Annual ESPY Awards

… I don’t think this friendship is going anywhere serious.

Gymtruthteller is certain – Worst kept secret is out.

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5 thoughts on “Evan Lysacek and Nastia Liukin?”

  1. Coach Rick, I enjoy your site. But I’m surprised you link your readers to gymtruthteller’s blog. The things he/she writes are downright cruel and lack credibility. Asking what Evan sees in Nastia? I know whoever writes that blog hates Nastia, but you can’t deny she is a lovely girl. Time will tell what happens between the two of them. Quite frankly, it’s their business.

  2. For all we know Nastia likes girls. All this gossip stuff trying to make big things out of little things drives me nuts. And I would be more inclined to ask what she sees in him – if we’re going by looks alone. I tend to think there are personalities behind famous people 😛

  3. Rick I like Gymtruthtellers blog and I hope you keep linking it. Gymtruthteller doesn’t hate Nastia he just see’s right through how phony she is.

    NASTIA is not as nice as people think she is and I applaud anyone that tells the truth.

    Ally has a problem with free speech. She doesn’t think anyone should have an opinion that doesn’t favor Nastia well that isn’t how life works

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