Merry Christmas 2009 Gymnastics Montage

From MostepanovaFan.

… a montage to celebrate Christmas because I loves it. … features clips from 2009 of many people. I found while making this that 2009 was actually better than it seemed the first time around.

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injured gymnastics coach awarded $25.5 million

This is the first I’ve heard of this catastrophic injury.

A Jacksonville jury awarded a former gymnastics coach $25.5 million today for injuries he suffered at an Atlantic Boulevard gym that left him a quadriplegic.

The bulk of the award is for medical expenses required by Shane Downey, 32, who was injured on a piece of tumbling equipment in 2000, said his attorney, Mitch Woodlief.

Jurors found North Florida Gymnastics and Cheerleading 100 percent negligent for not supervising Downey on the equipment. Downey, who now lives in Texas, fell and broke his neck.

I’m suspicious of the American legal system. Not knowing any of the details, I’m still wondering how the coach can be 0% responsible. Leave a comment if you know anything of this incident.

dance, beam at Eagle’s Wings Gymnastics

… a typical Monday morning workout with Coach Helen (Verucchi) which includes ballet training and beam routines.

The workout was filmed on November 30, just over 1 month away from the first meet of the season. ….

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Helen is the women’s Coach at Eagle Wings Athletics in Texas where mostly focuses on beam and dance. She is a native of Russia which is where she began her coaching career.

With so many clubs reducing or dropping ballet training, it’s nice to see some old school Russian barre work here.

cute gymnastics dance montage

From MunchTheSilivasFan.

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Gymnastics dance has been in decline. But I still want to see at least one interesting, unique “dance” section in every beam and floor routine.

gymnastics at Nittaidai, Japan

Nippon Sports Science University (Nittaidai) is the home gym of World Champion Kohei Uchimura.

Sho Nakamuri posted his impressions:

… I was amazed when I saw the training facility. It was probably the biggest gym that I’ve ever been in, and there were multiple equipments for every event! There were also an army of guys on the collegiate team (I think at least 50 on the men’s side) so it was a very different but fun environment to be in …

Visit to NSSU

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I spent a week at Nittaidai in the early 1990s. It was the home gym of one of my first coaches, Shiro Tanaka.

Of my many memories the one that stands out foremost is watching the Sumo athletes training gymnastics. Spectacular!

happy holidays from USA Gymnastics

USAG posted a nice highlights reel of their Women’s team at World Championships, London.

It’s not yet been uploaded to their YouTube channel. But you can watch it on their Happy Holidays page.


I assume the Santa caps are Photoshopped.
Nope. The photo is from a competition last weekend.
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Komova wins Jr Voronin Cup 59.85

With a 15.80 on Bars.

Viktoria Komova keeps trying to prove she’s the best young gymnast in the World. What’s it going to take to win the 2012 Olympics … 61.0 ??

Full results.


Photo from Japan Junior International on IG

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