Tammy Biggs – Beam complex

A new video from GymSmarts. Must see for every beam coach.

Tammy_Biggs_BegBBTumbCplxFresh from training the 2008 Olympic Beam team, Tammy Biggs saw a need to develop an effective set of Balance Beam warm-up drills to improve the weaknesses she saw during the last Olympic Cycle. Tammy’s Beginning Tumbling Beam Complexes is the set of warm-up drills to correct these fundamental weaknesses she designed and is in current use by elite athletes throughout the United States. The DVD includes excellent demonstrations by athletes at Cincinnati Gymnastic Academy and is a must have for any program that needs to improve their Balance Beam performances.

Beginning Tumbling Complex for Balance Beam

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4 thoughts on “Tammy Biggs – Beam complex”

  1. I think some of her ideas are great, but her idea of artistry really is killing American Gymnastics … I often feel there are better beam and dance coaches out there not being recognized.

  2. As far as I know, Tammy Biggs does technique. That’s her thing. There’s probably a separate choreographer that does artistry for beam not to mention what the gymnasts/coaches do on their own. I think the choreographer for floor is Markova.

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