I’m checking out a gymnastics drills site called put together by Will Vaughn. It looks quite good. reminds me of American Gymnast’s Gymnastics on Demand service. A collection of video clips showing drills.

GymDrills covers Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, the 4 apparatus, conditioning and flexibility.

You can try it free for a week … if you register first.

Subscription Options:

• Free per 7 Days (Trial)
• 3.99 USD per 1 Month (Monthly Membership)
• 35.00 USD per 1 Year (Year Membership)


Leave a comment if you try it out yourself.

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  1. I haven’t checked it out, but already I have two problems with it: 1. “A fast and easy approach to becoming a better coach” suggests, to me, an absolutely wrong mentality to take towards your coaching. It would disgust me if anyone told a gymnast there was a “fast and easy” approach to becoming a better gymnast. In most ways, I don’t think it should be any different for coaches.

    2. I’ll probably catch a little bit of animosity for saying this, but I think we should be past the point of charging money for information. I understand that the people who put this stuff out there are trying to make money for their investment of time, but still. Knowledge should be free. If you want to hire someone to come to your gym and give a clinic, that’s fine, because then he/she is actually doing something with your kids and actually interacting. But (and again, I haven’t seen any of the stuff on this website) I’d be willing to bet there’s nothing this new site has to offer that I can’t find for free on YouTube.

    (Here’s my preemptive defense to people who disagree: Let’s say I think I’m some hotshot coach. So I put out some videos of stuff, the way I do it, how I teach things, etc. Either it’s good, or it isn’t. People find it and use it, or they don’t. If it’s good stuff, my name gets bigger, people respect me, see how difficult it is to do the actual work even after they have learned what work needs to be done (i.e., you can see all the drills in the world, but until you, yourself, put in the hard work implementing them and training them, seeing them did nothing for you despite “learning” new information). So, after watching my videos, people either become better coaches or they don’t. If they do, and it is because of my ideas, I become more valuable to the owner of the gym or my customers if I own the gym because I’m seen as a leader in my field; And, if other coaches don’t get better, then I still look better for being better with my own kids and putting in the work other people don’t do. Either way, in the long run, my gym makes more money because I’ve further demonstrated my competence and mastery.)

  2. Will was my coach last year. The drills are really quite good and the progression in the steps are well thought out.
    I can’t say much to your 2nd point but I think “fast and easy” is more to say that the resources are available quickly in one place and it is comprehensive and easy to understand.

  3. Fast, because if you need a drill for a skill one of your kids is working on you can get 5 – 10 drills in 5 – 10 min.

    Easy, because you just click a couple of times & you have some drills to use you never knew before

    Better Coach, If you learn something new doesn’t that make you a better coach

    I don’t think this is a site on how to coach it is to give Ideas to improve on your coaching, I have not seen any of the drills on Youtube that I have used on Gymdrills. There is great Stuff on YouTube I love “the gymnastics Minute” & The drills that are on there.

    The site per year is $35 & monthly $3.99 That is very cheep for information. Bringing in a someone to do a Clinic is going to cost more then $35 & you only get that info that one time.

    My Gym can not afford to send coaches to congress, or even pay for the “elite coaches Association” witch cost $150-$300 a year but the owner is willing to pay for $35 a year.

    There is not a lot of Information out there for coaches to use in there gym I bring my computer out in the gym for the girls to see how to do the drill. Most people are visual learners & it helps them to see it.

    This is a great site & I use it everyday. Take a look at it and see for yourself.

  4. I did not write that last comment. Someone else wrote that in my name. Presumably to address me, but it has the appearance that I wrote it.

  5. But, to address whoever it was that did write that:

    I’m not knocking the quality of the stuff or the usefulness of it at all. I’m glad you’ve found something that helps you and your gym. I just philosophically disagree with paying for knowledge (in my dream world, some computer-savvy person would create a Gymnastics Wiki, and we’d all turn to that frequently for ideas, and we’d contribute what we know, etc.).

    Yeah, sure, $3.99 is fairly cheap. About as cheap as something can get…that still costs money. And that’s just the issue entirely for me. Maybe two months into subscribing you learn that for the “best” info you need “elite membership” and that’s going to cost $10.99 a month. Or maybe you need to buy this other thing or that other thing. Nickled-and-dimed later, now it’s not $3.99 anymore, and you’re left feeling like you got suckered into something. Maybe not. Maybe $3.99 is all it will ever cost you a month. But no matter how low the cost, a cost, at all, necessarily excludes SOMEone, eventually, somewhere….

    Imagine some little gymnast somewhere who doesn’t have a great gym or coach and is essentially self-teaching because her town/community is too poor to hire anyone to teach her, so she walks 10 miles to the nearest public library and starts looking up information, finds this site, but oh, she doesn’t have a credit card to use to buy this and so she gives up gymnastics entirely because she just can’t find the answers she needs. Sure, far fetched. But if there’s ever a person this excludes, it is too exclusive.

  6. Thank you everyone for your opinions, I would love to have the site free. That is what it started out to be but it costs a lot to build it. I made it as cheep as possible. For people that can not afford it or for someone that does not have a credit card their is a free week trial and in that week they can get a lot of info. A wiki gymnastics site would be great I would use it myself.

    To whom ever wrote the other comments thank you so much I really appreciate it.

    Thank you
    Will Vaughn

  7. The only problem I have with paying for this stuff is that 9 times out of 10, I DON’T learn anything new. And the new stuff I learn is GREAT, but worth that much money? I dunno. I would just write a book about it and publish it for as cheaply as I could. I would still have to charge for the time it took to write and resources to publish. But I’d be as cheap about it as possible. After all, who says I am anything better than your average coach?

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