gymnast Melanie Sinclair arrested


One of my favourite College gymnasts.

… Two Florida media sources are reporting that the goods, nine rifles and shotguns, as well as two computers, were stolen in a series of burglaries connected with Sinclair’s boyfriend Leonard “Bud” Williams. …

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gymnast Melanie Sinclair

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Just a bad boyfriend?

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  1. No but a kid that grew up in the Orlando area, and growing up somewhat poor and black, there is unfortunate stereotypes that end up being true. It just doesn’t surprise me. Just like it didn’t surprise me about Nicole Bobek and Tonya Harding – they were both white trash. You grow up within a certain set of circumstances and even making it to the top of your sport can’t always bring you out of a mindset with which you grew up. I could be totally wrong, in which case y’all can tell me I’m an ethnicist but the truth is I just don’t have faith in most people and many times it’s the socio-economic situation that determines the mindset, not ethnicity.

  2. That is racist and stupid!! You don’t even know the whole story yet, and you are qualifying her as a criminal. I don’t know what happened either, but I can tell you that, even if she has done something wrong, it has less to do with her ethnicity than it has to do with her own personal decisions. The fact (if it is even true) that she grew up in poor circumstances is unfortunate, but not a guarantee that she will turn to a life of crime. Please don’t litter this website with all of the garbage that is so rampant on YouTube, etc. Stop spouting off crap that just is not true.

    1. Troy’s right. It looks really bad for Melanie right now. But let’s call her innocent until proven guilty. … You don’t get on that Gymnastics Team without having a lot of smarts.

  3. Who ever said this was racist is an idiot. The stuff was in her apartment. She obviously had something to do with the crimes. If she was white, guess what, she would still be in the same situation.

  4. I can assure you I am not racist – unless you mean the human race, for which I have little faith in these days.
    Black people are not a different race, in fact it is rather degrading to insinuate such :)
    I hope for her sake Melanie is innocent and that she can choose better people to associate with. She obviously has a lot of things going for her and could have a great life ahead of her.

  5. This is truly funny. It is too bad that she did not learn more about ethics, instead she spent her time in a gym. Now she will be spending her time working on another set of bars. Sad to say it but she is just pure gutter trash. To say she is anything but….IS racist. For god sakes, she was screwing a convicted fellon! Good job MEL! Your coaches, usag and Florida are all so proud! Thankfully Rhonda threw your ass off the team.

  6. Yeah she has bad taste in men, but I don’t think a judge or prosecutor will care. If she knew she had stolen weapons in her apartment, she’s in trouble. Hopefully a lack of prior trouble will soften any punishment.

    I feel sorry for her and I don’t. I’m sorry that she’s insecure enough to tolerate a convicted felon for a boyfriend (which he is), but college athletes usually have a lot more resources and people to turn to when they are in trouble – other students don’t.

  7. AM, very well said. Young girls are very susceptible to picking out some winners for significant others (I was one of them) and rarely can make good judgment just due to being naive, insecure, etc. I think even the smartest women (And men)! make really dumb relationship choices early in life. Still, I would kind of think that something was up if a girl didn’t start getting suspicious that her boyfriend wanted to store all these guns in HER apartment … I’d have a lot of questions with just ONE gun!

  8. PERTO– You started your comment by saying that “growing up poor and black, there is unfortunate stereotypes that end up being true.” Excusing your incorrect grammar, you have just declared that stereotypes are true, and you are insinuating that they must be true in all cases. That is what racist people do. They hide behind little declarations of denial of being racist by making it sound like they are simply being realistic. Saying that black people and white people aren’t different races is just ignorant. What exactly do you think the definition of “race” is? And, while we are at it, what do you think the definition of “ethnicity” is? Nice try at confusing everyone with your inane explanations, but I stand by my original comment, and add to it that your statements are exactly what I said they are, “racist”. Making it sound as if another person’s surroundings or “ethnicity” pre-determines that they will get into trouble is exactly what defines a racist. Deny it all you want, but your statements are racist.

    And John Oakman — Shut up and go away!! We don’t need that kind of crap on this website. You are obviously mis-informed if you know so little about reality that you think that this is true. Do some research and save us from your ignorant comments.

  9. Can you say “stereotype”? She made a mistake, she is guilty as can be, there are taped conversations of him telling her to deny knowing about the guns. Let’s all just forgive her and move on. Very tragic.

    1. I’m sympathetic too. Young people often get themselves into trouble without any malicious intent.

      … But I’m not sure Melanie can get back on the Team this season. What a shame with Nationals at home.

  10. Wow. The internet is amazing. It’s ability to expose the true character of individuals is uncanny. I went to Metro and met melanie when she was 7 starting as a rec gymnast and watched her become one of thE most gifted gymnasts I’ve ever seen. She is a sweet, funny, caring, harmless individual. You people on here passing judgment with such harshness should be ashamed of yourself. “She’s gutter trash” for dating a convicted felon? Malcolm X was a convicted felon as well. Was Betty Shabazz gutter trash for marrying him? This is a simple case of naivate. I’ll bet none of you were ever elite level gymnasts. None of you spent your life in a gym protected and preserved by repetition of routines, sheltered and sequestered from the real world by watchful coaches. It is not her “poor Black upbringing” that made Mel succeptable to the manipulation of this man it is her innocence. It is also unnerving to see the self-righteousness of your comments. As if you have never been in love or went against your better judgment for the sake of another. How dare you. Point blank she fell for a bad guy and will now pay the consequences of that. Her character, class, nor race are not to blame here. Trust and love of the wrong individual aare and that is not a crime at all. Ps-if a dude has guns and the balls to walk around toting a loaded 12 guage which of you is gonna have the the balls to tell him “NO” when he tells you he’s putting them in your apt? Don’t fool yourself. Get human.

    1. Well said, Amandadiva.

      … When I first posted this story, my mind-set was that Melanie is a privileged, academic celebrity. Not that she was black.

      How did she even meet that guy? Gymnasts have no time except for training and homework.

      The majority of College gymnasts don’t have boyfriends.

  11. Yes Amandadiva and coach Rick you guys so right !!!! People don’t understand! They just happy to talk! If she would be just regular person they wouldn’t even say anything, but Melanie she is this and that lets look at her under microscope!!!!

  12. Amandadiva,

    Your point about innocence and sheltering is very interesting. Even those of us that never came close to elite status (like me) remember the gym as a safe haven where we can “rebel” against our parents yet still have to listen to the coaches. It made avoiding peer pressure much easier.

    However, it does make the transition to adulthood and making choices difficult. I can’t speak for everybody here, but many of the top level gymnasts in my gym and even the lower level gymnasts had a lot of trouble making their own decisions and being independent because we never had to do those things. I imagine an elite level gymnast who goes through many competitions, trials, and training camps listening to criticism (even constructive can hurt sometimes) and seeking approval would have a hard time doing this.

    This may be the case with Miss Sinclair, but it’s still not excusable that she was breaking the law. If her boyfriend had hurt someone with these guns, we wouldn’t be so forgiving. She should have gone to the police or even her coaches first. It’s a shame if she felt she had nowhere else to turn.

  13. Petro

    That’s a bunch of crap.. How do you know what her economics are? I happen to know she grow up with both parents. Both parents are professionals. BTW, Some of the biggest THUGS in the world are white and they also grow up in good homes. It’s a matter of doing right or wrong. So if you want to talk about stereotypes ..lets do that. Don’t let the starched pin point shirt and the polished wing tips fool you.

    Look at the THUG criminals on Wall Street today. Again white THUGS who have destroyed more lives and assisted with more suicides than the mad doctor Jack kevorkian from the 80s .. Oh, did I mention he was a thug too. As far as I’m concern, they might as well have put the gun to the head 100s of people and pulled the trigger. They have destroyed livehoods and life savings.

    If you want to see destuction just watch the white man .. The Barbarian Cometh. But yet they are or admired as a noble savages but when blacks display bad behavoir “it’s just expected and there is nothing noble about it”. You would have me believe they are a product of their environment .. Well, if so it was learned from white folks.

    Lets look at slave Willie Lynch. This is where we get the word LYNCHING. Need I say more? Please lets not start name the THUGS from this era.

    So, be careful of the WHITE THUG cause they will take your property and your life and you won’t even see it coming. So let go of your socioeconomic bullshit cause you too have thug traits …its just in you.

    A thug is a thug is a thug … RED, WHITE or BLUE. I don’t trust any of you.

  14. Melanie is great
    she was my pre-coach in 2010
    and one of coaches friends
    in fact she is my friend and has improved alot

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