easy landing drills for gymnasts

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Tony Retrosi, is the owner, Head Coach and Program director of Atlantic Gymnastics Centers.

The Gymnastics Minute is a new series of free introductory video tips produced by GymSmarts.

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  1. I like Tony’s stuff, from what i have seen of him from videos he has good drills and progressions for skills, but overall the kids he uses as demos, well i am not impressed, which well reflects on him as i imagine they are kids he coaches.

    The drills for the landings are great but they were done very poorly, kids pretty much landed on flat feet, and very little shock absorption, pretty much those were very poor landing practices. Not happy when stuff like this is popularized cause its on YouTube, and its sold as educational material. Its informative but people need to critically analyze what they see and hear, cause not everything is validly done.

    Just my thoughts…however the GymSmarts 1 minute channel is awesome…

    Valentin Uzunov

  2. i like Conditioning and Peaking the Junior Olympic Gymnast – 7th Edition by Larry Nassar… great landing progressions.

  3. The concept of good landings is something that seems to be forgotten in many gyms. Sticking a landing is hard…takes lots of practice. Landing training needs to happen all the time…great video!

  4. These are good drills, but as Valentin mentioned, the demonstrators are bad. The focus should be on landing “soft” and absorbing the landing via ankle dorsiflexion, knee flexion, and hip flexion and through the ball of the foot. In addition, the hips should be sitting back as much as possible to transfer the load onto the big hip extensors like the hamstrings, gluteals, and adductor magnus. The glutes and hamstrings are of critical importance for reducing the stress on the ACL.

    Here’s a good example of how to land. Go to the (click on) “video” section and watch the demo of a video by this strength coach. This fellow is the strength coach for Georges “Rush” St. Pierre – the professional MMA fighter. This is an example of good landing mechanics as shown jumping up to a box for box jumps. (By the way, for those of you who have kids doing box jumps and they are landing with their ass on their heels…the box is too high. You should not land lower than the position in which you take off of)


  5. If you also click on “store” there is another video and you can see GSP training in the very beginning. He’s doing plyo hurdles and notice his excellent landing position. I believe that those are about 40 inch hurdles.

    While I’ve never met Jon, he’s an active member of the website “strengthcoach.com” and I think he’s very knowledgeable so I’m going to give him a plug. If you’re in the Montreal area or near Montreal and need a good trainer – I recommend him. He not only trains GSP, but also David Loiseau, Jonathan Goulet, several national level wrestlers as well as Team Jackson fighters – Rashad Evans, Keith Jardine, Nate Marquardt, Brian Stann, Shane Carwin, etc. And, he works with everyday people – so, who knows…maybe one day you’ll train alongside of GSP!

  6. I had the same opinion of the demonstrators in several of the Gymnastics Minute clips.

    Try to assess the drill, not the performance.

    … I’ve many times had the same problem trying to show drills online. The camera is rolling. Time is short. The kids don’t always do the drill as well as you’d like them to.

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