heel protection on balance beam

Someone is promoting this product on message boards.

Though it might be SPAM, they look interesting.

UPDATE: Svetlana KISSELEVA wrote to assure us the company and product is for real. See her entire email in the comments of this post.

Heels protection is necessary for workout on the beam.

Provides soothing compression to the heel. Easy to put. Do not slide.

Inside gel pads help limit the every day pain of heel and perform the shock absorption. Outside nonskid rubber perform the stability.


Heels Protection

Good idea.

The company is called Skiss Leotards . It purports to be a Russian – French firm making leos in France.

Leave a comment if you can confirm this company is REAL.

==== UPDATE: Quebecker recommends a similar product, Tuli’s Cheetah Heel Protector.


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5 thoughts on “heel protection on balance beam”

  1. I can’t confirm that, but it looks like an interesting product… As someone with Sever’s disease, this would have been much better than the gel inserts I have…

  2. When I wore Cheetahs on beam, it made me feel disconnected to the beam. Especially on backward skills like BWO and BHS.

  3. From the company:

    Our firm indeed exists. We are really old Russian gymnasts and our society is based in France. The product which we offer is especially necessary on the beam and on the floor.
    Tan disc Tuli’ s Cheetah Heel Protector is rather for study of different dropping on bars.

    In any cases thank you for your visit and
    your interest for our site

    Yours sincerely, Svetlana KISSELEVA

    S.A.R.L. SKISS
    31, grande rue Charles de Gaulle
    94130 Nogent-sur-Marne
    N°SIRET 50824664200013
    N°TVA FR42508246642


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