boys gymnastics children’s book?

MasterPuppeteer, “Proud Parent” of a 7-year-old male gymnast, is looking for a book about boys gymnastics.

It’s for a school project.

I can’t think of children’s book of that description.

She’d be happy with one with both a girl and a boy on the cover.

Leave a comment if you can think of one.

Or if you plan to write one.

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3 thoughts on “boys gymnastics children’s book?”

  1. A beautiful, if very basic, book is a DK Superguide on Gymnastics (Dorling Kindersley – publisher, did a range covering gym, ballet, ice skating etc).
    Very very basic just intro stuff with a foreward from Shannon Miller, but with lovely photos of basic shapes and skills.

  2. I have two hardcover books, “Kurt Thomas On Gymnastics” and “Bart Conner Winning the Gold.”

    Both are maybe more biographically based than this parent is looking for, and WAAAY more text than a 7 year old can handle, but they also have a lot of pictures, (b&w, unfortunately, but a lot of them). The Bart Conner book does include an “at-home, parent-supervised beginner’s program to enhance motor development, self discipline, and general learning skills.”

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