Steve Nunno returns?

Controversial gymnastics coach Steve Nunno is in the news.

Steve Nunno who coached Edmond’s Shannon Miller to Olympic gold from his former Dynamo Gymnastics’ facility is opening a new gym Monday. …

Star Gymnastics will open at 757 Enterprise Drive, not far from the location of the Dynamo gym where Miller trained. Nunno has operated gyms in Oklahoma City for more than 20 years and is building a new Norman facility as well. …


Shannon Miller with coach Nunno

Recall that Nunno resigned in 2006 after six seasons as coach of the University of Oklahoma women’s gymnastics team. Some say he was asked to resign due in part to his violations of NCAA rules.

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13 thoughts on “Steve Nunno returns?”

  1. As for why he left NCAA, you’re not even close. The truth is he demanded ridiculous things ($$$, control) from the university, despite a terrible season and some (relatively minor) NCAA trouble. Basically, they laughed in his face and Nunno’s massive ego left him with no choice but to resign or be seen as caving.

  2. Whatever. As a club coach, most of his success was due to Peggy Liddick. Then he took over a well-established program and screwed that up too. From what I remember, there were issues of too many hours practicing and picking on the girls for the weight.

  3. Nunno got lucky with a great assistant coach and a super tough kid with talent. It certainly wouldn’t bother me, though, to see that I’m wrong about that assessment and have him come out with another great elite.

  4. Steve Nunno deserves a lot of praise as a successful gymnastics coach. He has produced the USA’s most decorated gymnast–Shannon Miller. Without Steve, it’s doubtful that Shannon’s career would have been as successful. In turn, Shannon helped him become the well-known coach that he is. Lots of young gymnasts desire to follow in Shannon’s foot steps,and it’s possible that Steve will produce another World and Olympic Champion someday. GO USA!!!

  5. I always thought Shannon miller was overrated anyway. It always looked like her arms were flailing about wildly. There was just something odd about the way she carried herself. She won because the gymnastics bigwigs wanted to punish karoly.

    Nunno was just in the right place at the right time. Want proof? What has he done since?

    I was asked to proofread a book about miller. If even 1% of what was written was true then she is a horrible person. She has ruined people’s lives. A lot of people’s lives.

  6. As his Gymnast, I would have to say that he is an amazing coach and very encourging while im recovering from a injurie and starting back up gymnastics. If you have ever been one of his gymnastists or have ever worked with him you don’t know what your talking about.

  7. wow guys… Shan is so nice. love her to death. As for steve, (Who owns 2 gym in Oklahoma city and is starting some in FL) he does have an ego.. but he is not to big to still be in the gym coaching L4-10. you guys should realy check your facts about how many and where the gyms are Steve has. He has NOT left oklahoma yet. I see him all the time at meets

  8. i have heard Nunno was a jerk too Gymrat. I heard a lot of terrible things about him. you do not have to be one of his gymnast to know a mans character.

    One look into his eyes will tell you everything. He is empty and boring. His gymnast are overrated and he hasn’t done anything since Miller.

    Good eye Gymrat!

  9. I met him once, and that was enough. He absolutely reeked of arrogance. It was not a positive experience and I was extremely turned off and frankly, very offended. Massive, MASSIVE jerk.

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