NEW Gymnastics Canada Recreation manual


The new Foundations Recreational Coaching manual$75 from Gymnastics Canada


It looks fantastic.

And it’s a real successor to the biggest selling gymnastics coaching manual of all-time, the OLD Canadian Introductory Gymnastics NCCP 1 Technical manual.

The same author, Keith Russell, wrote this one.

Gene Schembri (Australia) did layout. The fantastic Georges McKail (Australia) the art.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all recreation gymnastics coaches. It’s the best book available in the English language.

Hat tip to Bev Dickinson from Ruschkin.

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  1. Hello! How can I obtain this manual? Every time i click the link it goes to ” object cannot be found” is there another website? Looking for info for my Gymnastics Foundations Practical Coaching Workbook. Thank You ,Greatly Appreciated

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