Nastia, Shawn, Chellsie, Alicia in VOGUE

In my opinion, Annie Leibovitz is the best magazine cover photographer in the world.

That she agreed to shoot Artistic gymnasts for the April American edition of VOGUE magazine is a huge tribute. Another sign that media coverage of gymnastics in Beijing will be bigger than ever before.

much larger version –

The accompanying article by Eve MacSweeney will not impress gymnastics fans.

Thanks to difficulty plus execution for breaking this story.

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9 thoughts on “Nastia, Shawn, Chellsie, Alicia in VOGUE”

  1. The article actually pissed me off, i love how they desdribed shawn as having the perfect gymnastics body and left out the rest of them in this part, anyways its american vouge so you cant expect better.

  2. I actually don’t hate the article- I just think it is great to get gymnastics into as many mainstream media outlets as possible! I think the comment about Shawn’s body type is meant to be read as her body is the stereotypical, public image of a gymnast- which is pretty true- i.e. Retton, Zmeskal. I like the picture with Nastia in front- her lines are so wonderful. Poor Chellsie in the back though- you can barely see her head poking out!!

  3. Good publicity, yet I don’t think the picture is very flattering (white leotards)? Nastia’s limp wrists in full force, too.

    Also, did they mean Oksana Chusovitina?

  4. Oxana Rakhmatulina – I know it’s been commented on, but “Oh My God”, some decent journalism wouldn’t have hurt. Big mistake, which has deprived Miss Chusovitina of some world recognition. The article is inaccurate, bland, poorly researched and doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface of the gymnastics community… Very disappointed.

  5. Other than the fact that Oksana’s name was messed up (which was a huge mistake), the article wasn’t that bad. The way the blog was worded I was afraid that is was going to be anti-gymnastics or otherwise negative, which it wasn’t.

  6. I didnt think it was that bad either- other then totally butchering Oksana’s name! That is how non-gymnastics people SEE our sport, our athletes, and coaches. I like how the article did hit on the exreme dedication that athletes at this level are required to show, but the voice was still clearly positive.

  7. i thought it was extremely funny (and offensive) how they called nastia a spaghetti string and shawn a miniature wrestler hehehe

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