Why Gymnastics Should Be Banned UPDATE

UPDATE: I emailed Natalie to ask if she would like to correct the many errors in her article Why Gymnastics Should Be Banned. Here’s her unrepentant response:

Hi, Thanks for writing to me. And no, I haven’t changed my mind about the nature of gymastics – I think it presents a harmful, damaging model of what it means to be female in our society. Why are the women supposed to smile and wear makeup through all of their feats, when the men are not?


Yes, Natalie took the opportunity to add yet another embarrassing misstatement to her list. Perhaps she should actually research our sport before writing about it. And learn how to spell the word gymnastics.

There are, so far, 68 (mostly irate) comments on her article.

===== original post Nov. 15th, 2007


64288053_ee3b224ea5_t.jpgA professional writer and blogger named Natalie Bennett actually put her name on an article called Why Gymnastics Should Be Banned in 2005.

She is astonishingly uninformed. And the comments on the post are outraged. Well worth reading, actually.

Here are a few of Natalie’s opinions:

These are children – usually before puberty, or with all signs of puberty disguised by huge amounts of exercise and a restricted diet – doing things that only such small lithe bodies can do. Female gymnasts are usually washed out for serious competition by the age of 18, if not 16.

And to do these things even the girls have to put in vast numbers of hours of physically hard training – and many of course will fall by the wayside with injuries before they even see the inside of a competition hall – labelled as failures as 10, or 12, or 14. And what sort of education will they have received for other careers? …

Aside from the sexualisation of routines – girls are expected to smile pleasingly while performing the most amazing physical feats – there’s a question about a sport that ensures all of its participants are washed up before the age of 18.

The answer surely is to limit the age of participation – should children of 12 really be competing in Olympics and World Championships? And should the competition really require, and be judged, on the basis of what a child’s body can do? Isn’t this child labour, and child abuse – not just in China, but everywhere?

Why Gymnastics Should Be Banned – BlogCritics.org

You might want to slap Natalie yourself by leaving yet another comment on her post.

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11 thoughts on “Why Gymnastics Should Be Banned UPDATE”

  1. It is interesting the juxtaposition of genders with gymnastics where males are far, far better after puberty and actually experience strength gains until mid-20s or so. Whereas GIRLS’ (not women’s) gymnastics works better before puberty.

    And then paradoxically, the sport is more popular for spectators and participants for girls than for men!

  2. Some girls actually ENJOY competing in gymnastics. It builds strength, discipline, and confidence. This sport is a great foundation for anything they want to pursue in life even if it isn’t gymnastics.

  3. Gymnastics is a amazing sport that yes, builds strength, discipline, confidence, and it gives you a second family. The name I put on this post was given to me because of gymnastics and if you think that gymnastics should be banned then you must be jealous and you just need to keep your opinion to yourself because gymnastics actually means something to some people. I don’t know where you got the idea that it should be banned from because that’s retarded!.

  4. This is the stuipedest website ever. You guys dont know what the heck you are talking about. Gymnastics is a sport that depends on your attitude toward it if you are happy and always think on the bright side you will go far. If you are like Natatiel and have a crappy attitude and are makeing up stuiped excuses to get mad at people you will end up like her. If you love gymnastics keep doing it dont listen to people like Natalie that make these kind of websites becasue they are depressed and have to much time on there hands.

  5. This is retared!!!! Before you make a website look up the facts about what you are talking about!!! Only an idiot would hate gymnastics!!!!!!

  6. NATIALE SUCKS!!! She knows nothing about gymnastics she is tring to show off and prove she knows something but, she doesnt!!!! She is a LOSER!!!!

  7. Child abuse is forced for your information we all CHOOSE to do this, we love it. It’s not all about winning and pleasing the judges. We are proud of ourselves when we learn a new skill it’s a feeling you don’t understand, we gain confidence and learn discipline. And we smile while doing routines because we are happy!!! We are happy doing routines!!! It’s fun!!!! We get to dance and tumble to amazing music it’s a way of self expression. The reason most gymnasts are done by 18 isn’t by fault of the sport it’s the human body after puberty our abilities are limited. No sport is perfect but ours is the closest thing to it. What you said is very interesting but the difference between your opinion and cake is… I asked for cake.

  8. What you said is very interesting but the difference between your opinion and cake is… I asked for cake.

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