The TRUTH About Yoga and Pilates

by Rick McCharles

A fitness guru named Ryan Lee knows a lot about how to generate traffic on his website. And, clearly, not much about Yoga and Pilates. (Or how to increase resistance using your own body weight.)

It’s an old strategy, one I try to resist on this site. Post something with an inflammatory, sensational title. For example: The TRUTH About Yoga and Pilates

Rant emotionally:

For all you zealots out there trying to help me train my athletes, I actually have done OK without you. Just for the record, there are many folks like me who have been training athletes for decades who have drawn much of their warm-up and flexibility work from yoga but don’t feel the need to dedicate two of their eight hours a week to this relatively small area. I need to work on strength, power, speed, and conditioning — all in eight hours a week. I need to do that with a proper warm-up and attention to flexibility. Can’t you just see the yoga guy or girl jumping up and down saying, “I know, I know, yoga does all that.”

The truth is yoga does not do all that.

Yoga develops strength to a point and then simply works primarily on muscle endurance. …

The TRUTH About Yoga and Pilates by Mike Boyle | Ryan Lee

Then sit back as many industry websites link to your post. To refute it.

The comments on that post are entertaining.

Ryan Lee is all about the money, it looks to me.


That’s a bit of a shame. Because Ryan Lee has a good point under the bluster.

Yoga and Pilates are over-praised. Practitioners are oft too evangelical. I see both as supplemental to the main fitness training program.

That TRUTH will be lost in the heat of the argument, I fear.

By the way, Ryan. Send any of your clients to adult recreational gymnastics conditioning. We’ll get them more fit than you can. And we won’t need a weight room to do it.

… Lets see if I can generate some internet buzz of my own.

Thanks for the tip on this, George.

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3 thoughts on “The TRUTH About Yoga and Pilates”

  1. To comment on this. As an acrobat/dancer, and ex gymnast I find that as I get older. Spending equal amount of time stretching (be it yoga or other), and doing pilates as I do other types of training has helped my body recover from long days, weeks, months of training, and I have never been injured, which I also attribute to my dedication to taking the time, though tedious at times, to stretch for an hour, and do pilates for an hour… I agree that pilates/yoga doesn’t = everything you need as an athlete, but as a body maintenance tool you’ll have much more energy, and much less off days where you can’t find your rhythm as an athlete.

  2. I agree, all exercise systems have their merits, however athletes need to train specifically for their sport and the majority of the programme should reflect this. However, I also believe that Pilates principles especially, can be integrated into sport specific training for improved results, injury perevention/rehabilitation and mental focus. Perhaps learn and practise some of these aspects within regular training rather than try to devote time to seperate Pilates/yoga sessions. Having said that, if it helps the person reflect and take time out, why not have a special session? The most important factor here is what suits the individual, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach that will work for every athlete!

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