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“Travelling Rings” is slightly related to the antiquated American sport of Flying Rings (Swinging Rings) — but the acrobat travels from single ring-to-ring as they do on a playground.

A much better description would be “free running (Parkour) on rings”.

I took gymnasts to try it in 2004 in Santa Monica, California after the Vidmar competition. It’s very tough!

Click PLAY or watch the craziness on YouTube.

RingFlyers is a website devoted to the travelling rings and the community of swingers. The travelling rings have been an athletic pastime for well over a hundred years. …

On the beach in Santa Monica California a thriving community of rings enthusiasts spend an inordinate amount of time exerting themselves in this largely unknown pasttime resembling something like gymnastics. Hundreds of people from all over the globe consider the Santa Monica beach scene a touchstone and as a result the culture of the rings have spread far and wide. Recently a rings rig was built in New York City’s Riverside Park. …

These pages are largely devoted to the discussion board which ties together the ring communities of Santa Monica and New York City. It also serves to tie together our far flung bretheren throughout the world who check in periodically as they plan their next trip to the travelling rings rig closest to them. Also contained in these pages are tutorials, photos, and videos that swingers have made to spread the love of what we do. Enjoy!

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larger original photo – flickr – Hughes Leglise-Bataille

More photos on the RingFlyers VISUALS page.

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