video – “Complete Recreational Gymnastics”

I am happy to recommend (almost certainly) the best video resource for recreational coaches available.

It is called Complete Recreational Gymnastics, a huge collection (2hrs 43min!) of over 550 skills and drills for coaching girls gymnastics.

Quality is excellent, produced by coach Charles Minster, an expert video editor.

His co-author for this video is Tasmanian coach Mark Moncur from Kingborough Gymnastics.

Games and activities are easy to understand, even for young children.

The resource looks expensive at AUS$120 until you consider that other companies would have sold it as six 30min videos. (I find it far more convenient to have everything on one disk.)

View details and see video samples on-line: Complete Recreational Gymnastics. (PAL format)

This DVD is also available in the NTSC format from 10.0 for US$99.


Charles Minster has another video highlighting the coaching philosophy of world expert Colin Still from the UK. (This video is 4hrs 33min! featuring 395 skills and drills!)

And I will soon be reporting more DVDs. Charles is currently in the UK shooting more footage. Minster Productions will be permanently linked under VIDEOS in the right hand navigation column.

Will we see this fantastic content available on-line, as well?

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