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gymnastics coaching

the BEST coaching resources

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new GymnasticsCoaching.com, blog for gymnastics coaches but including content for coaches of all acrobatic and artistic sports. You can subscribe by RSS or get email updates free.

new The Front Handspring Vault, Brian Bakalar. The BEST use of the internet for an instructional article we have yet seen. Browse Brian's other articles on GymnasticsRevolution.com. And don't miss his photo database of basic skills on the Gymnastics Interactive page.

USA Gymnastics Technique magazine
The single best source of advice for coaches on the internet. Many, but not all, articles from the hard copy magazine are available on-line. Look for frequent contributors Sands & McNeal.

USECA books
Recommended by the US Elite Coaches Association for competitive athletes:

US Elite Coaches Association videos available for members only. 8-10 new tapes each year.

Keith Russell

Gymnastics Canada coaching manuals Level 1 Introductory gymnastics. (4th edition)
The best english language gymnastics book available, in our opinion, succinctly explaining the movement pattern approach of principle author Keith Russell.

Coaching Level 2 & 3 manuals also recommended.

E-mail Gymnastics Canada for current prices as their website shop is being updated.

Vault (US$30) & Bars (US$50) DVDs, by John Geddert, 2005. The best advanced gymnastics instructional videos we have seen by one of the best coaches in the USA.

RING STRENGTH DVD featuring Jordan Jovtchev (US$34.95), by Jovtchev & Alexov. The best ring strength video we have seen demonstrated by a World Champion.

GymSmart.com DVDs, by Mas Watanabe, Dan Connelly, Steve Butcher & more. Some excellent content!

new spotting the “Pak” on bars - part 2, video posted by Rick McCharles. Coach Patrick Carmichael introduces the skill to beginners. GymnasticsCoaching.com

new spotting the “Pak” on bars, video posted by Rick McCharles. Coaches Dennis Swenson and Charlie Tamayo demonstrate. GymnasticsCoaching.com

new video Xiao Tingting 6 releases on bars!, Rick McCharles. The Chinese gymnast took gold in a 2006 World Cup competition in Shanghai. GymnasticsCoaching.com

American-Gymnast.com. The best competitive coaching tips website on the internet. Jay Thornton & Stephen McCain. Free membership (for now) required.

GymnasticsZone.com website. A big site chalk full of articles & products for every gymnastics enthusiast. Coaches will like articles on Safety, Psychology, Technique, Cheer, and more.

Biomechanics of Women's Gymnastics, G. S. George, 1980.
This classic book is still valuable today. Superb illustrations. The best description of artistry & technique available. Look for a copy in the library.

click for larger original photo by Dunsobarky

Should Female Gymnasts Lift Weights?, Sands, McNeal, Jemni, Delong Conclusion: Weight training based on high-intensity low-repetition sets is likely to improve the performance of most gymnasts by increasing strength with minimal muscle hypertrophy.

new straight body cast handstand on bars, Rick McCharles. Actually, why girls should compete straddle-up cast instead. GymnasticsCoaching.com

new TumblTrak vaulting “Porta Table”, Rick McCharles. My favourite training device, especially for Yurchenko. GymnasticsCoaching.com

British Gymnastics Child Protection Policy
Of the many Codes of Ethics (and similar documents) we have seen, British Gymnastics looks to be the best. Download the entire document

Parallette Training Guide, Jay Thornton & Stephen McCain
Excellent advice, great photos, advanced boys conditioning.

Why Gymnastics?, Dr. Bill Sands, Technique, 1993.
Essential reading from the leading researcher in the sport.

McCharles posted a summary of Sand’s article.

Creating a Healthy & Effective Motivational Climate, Marilyn Strawbridge & Nancy Marshall, Technique.
Excellent reading for every coach. Excerpted from The Athlete Wellness Book, USA Gymnastics, which can be purchased (USA) 1-800-345-4719.

Christchurch School of Gymnastics <website>

The Anger Trap ..., Sands, Henderson & Kilgore, Technique.
Negative side effects of anger when coaching.

Managing Training Time, McNeal and Sands, Technique.
How much training time should you devote to each apparatus?

Building an Olympic Body through Bodyweight Conditioning, Christopher Sommer
A top men’s coach explains how using body weight resistance develops strength. Planche, levers, photos.

More body weight conditioning articles (various authors) from DragonDoor.

Looking for more? Use Google, the best search engine.


Christchurch School of Gymnastics <website>


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gymnastics coaching

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